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Annette Moloney and Lucia Barnes facilitating the Peer Critiques Sessions at Dialogues #3 in Limerick

As part of the Dialogue Arts + Health Project, three artists presented work from their art practice at the third Dialogues session in Limerick on 13th November 2011. The spacious and interesting former church, used by the Daghdha Dance Company, was an ideal location for the three presentations that took place, since each took on a different format.

The possibility for a peer critique slot was introduced from the commencement of the Dialogues sessions in September and proved to be an invaluable opportunity for testing the direction of current uncompleted work. Artists can often find themselves isolated, with difficult issues to tackle and negotiate, even when working within various institutions. The peer critiques provided a forum for teasing out some unresolved questions and ideas, within the work, in an honest and open environment.

The artists presented the work without comment. Tanya O Keefe showed three short DVDs with an emphasis on, among other things, various aspects of rhythm- an energetic skater negotiates her way around and through the many hoops and challenges of a playground; we see the visceral, yet sensuous aspect of someone massaging feet; we hear the sound of sleep, in the third, a sound only piece.

Twenty five of us sat around two long tables, while John McHarg read a poem, and passed around three objects which form part of a myriad of items, from a project he is working on with artist Marie Brett,  – a glass test tube, a small colourful plastic figure placed within the test tube, and a singles cover from the fifties with a picture of Killarney. They were interested in hearing our comments on their connectivity

Siobhán Wilmott displayed eight posters broaching the difficult topic of suicide, on three tables. We were encouraged to write a comment on these as we silently filed around and studied them.

The audience gave their feedback after each presentation. First, with an initial response, followed by much discussion and ponderings.

All varied art practices with different thought provoking subject matter.

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