Artist Comment: Limerick – Dialogue Session #1 – September 15th, 2011


In Limerick for Dialogue # 1, conversations unfolded during my final presentation ‘Unravelling Arts & Health Practice’ exploring

–          Definitions

–          Partnership as a three-way approach

–          Locating needs as an artist in the field

–          Collaboration / Facilitation : different working methodologies

–          Aligned professions / areas of work / cross-overs?


Which grew dialogue notably around issues of:

–          Why is arts and health growing as an area of interest / is it growing or more so being identified and named?

–          Ownership

// Negotiating permissions – who with / how + when?

// Of what – object / idea / legacy?

// how long can an artist be flexible to include / remove a    person’s name, input, ever flexible and shifting or a point when becomes fixed in stone?

–          Difficulty of maintaining creativity

–          Is it possible to be truly creative without imposing one’s ideas on other people?

–          Importance of being open and informed / access to information + knowledge / not fearing not knowing or asking for help from partners

–          Questioning what is the role of the artist?

–          Clarity needed from outset of one’s intention / boundaries

–          Time needed for negotiation

–          The distinct difference between collaboration and facilitating someone elses creativity

–          Art as product, but can the process be the product?

–          Need to negotiate positions of artist / therapist / leisure activity provider / teacher

–          Artists can be scared to bring up these things … to say the artwork is the priority over healing



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