Artist Comment: Tullamore – Dialogue Session #1 – September 8th, 2011

After each Dialogue Session, presenting artists will use this blog to record their observations, responses and reflections on the day.  Please feel free to add your comment and contribute your perspective.

Tullamore – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 8th, 2011


In Dialogue #1 in Tullamore, during my presentation ‘Unraveling Arts and Health Practice’ I explored definitions of What’s Arts and Health practice?; used project examples to locate my position; described my methodologies, challenges and incentives as part of the three-way interface of participant, staff and artist. I rounded up by defining aligned areas of work such as Arts Therapies, Arts & Disabilities, Community Arts in Health / Healthcare Promotion, Arts & Medical Humanities, Healthcare Environments & Environmental Enhancement and Arts & Science.

There was great exchange, notably around issues of:

Ethics / Locating the role of artist / Two professions, Two sets of needs / Supervision / Identifying supports / Ownership of work / Holistic approach / High management healthcare support needed / Role of science / Healing / De-humanisation due to technology & machinery in healthcare settings / Pubic art & environmental enhancement linking with participatory practice.


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