Artist Comment: Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011

After each Dialogue Session, presenting artists will use this blog to record their observations, responses and reflections on the day.  Please feel free to add your comment and contribute your perspective.

Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011


In Dialogue #1 in Cavan, during my presentation ‘Unraveling Arts and Health Practice’ I opened with definitions of ‘What’s Arts and Health practice? and then used project examples to locate and reveal my position as a visual artist in the field.

Describing the three-way interface of participant, staff and artist, led to discussion of the varying methodologies, challenges and incentives that are inherent in A+H practice. I rounded up by presenting how the practice of A+H differs to other aligned areas of work such as Arts Therapies, Arts & Disabilities, Community Arts in Health / Healthcare Promotion, Arts & Medical Humanities, Healthcare Environments & Environmental Enhancement and Arts & Science.

I was keen for the presentation to generate exchange and there were questions and comments on-going with breakout conversation circling around:

_     Collaboration – definition – responsibility – entry points

_     Ownership – ideas/objects – decision makers – credits

_     Arts Therapists / Artists – difference

_     Disclosure

_     Work to standing on own merit


4 responses to “Artist Comment: Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011

  1. I really enjoyed this session, it got me thinking about what is arts and health in my own work. I wonder if there are differences between art forms. In drama, to collaborate could mean to create a performance with the participants in healthcare settings. But could it also be collaboration if I collect their ideas and create a performance myself? The questions about ownership and input at this session were really relevant to me as I try to create a collaborative piece in a hospital where it would not be possible for the same clients to participate each week.

  2. Thanks Emma, yes … definite food for thought ….what you’re saying really resonates with me:- our challenge to define collaborative practice, what it is? what it can be? what we allow it to be? and what we claim it to be? ….. in our thinking and expression …….. like to explore this more – hopefully they’ll be opportunity in the following sessions – I really enjoyed your presentation ….

  3. Indeed, Marie and Emma, I would like to extend the arts and health collaborative practice to include artists experiencing serious health challlenges and how programs such as this one can be adapted to cater for various abilities – eg: could we include a bed-ridden participant through skype?
    I would like to develop this avenue and other forms of collaboration. In particular, could the participant from Wider Circle publications get in touch for a joint venture? Cheerio and thanks for the presentations, updates and comments.

    PS: is Pecha Kucha meant to include our inspiration and not just samples of our work?

  4. Ceila I really like that idea of using skype to bed ridden participants. Would love to explore this more.

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