Artist Comment: Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011


After each Dialogue Session, presenting artists will use this blog to record their observations, responses and reflections on the day.  Please feel free to add your comment and contribute your perspective.

Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011


At the dialogue session, I shared my work at a children’s hospital in Dublin. Through a workshop format, I introduced issues that arise in working with children in a hospital such as infection control, mobility issues, interruptions, changing population and so on. I shared why I might choose particular drama exercises and the process of using puppetry in helping children express themselves and gain new skills. I also brought up the area of documentation and reflection through the means of photography, voice recording, video, journaling, movement and writing. I hope that aspects of my sharing could feed into other artists’ work in different artforms and contexts. The simple drama and puppet games seemed to work as an ice breaker for the group to get to know each other. I found one hour very short and would have liked another hour to share the artistic ideas behind my work with the children, my performance works on hospital experience and body image, along with stimulating group discussion on topics that came up.

2 responses to “Artist Comment: Cavan – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 7th, 2011

  1. I really enjoyed this workshop/presentation. Actually participating in making was a useful way-in to learning about how you adapted your work to the context. It was refreshing to hear about your reflections on what was and wasn’t working well and that you had the support of a mentor. I was impressed by the multiple ways in which you resourced your work and look forward to seeing what you will do next. Many thanks for an open and transparent sharing of your practice.

  2. Thanks Niamh. I was concerned about my work being very specific and also that I am in the early stages of developing the project. It was really useful to have the first talk which opened up wider questions about definitions of arts and health by a very experienced practitioner. My workshop was specifically focused on children, drama and hospitals so I hope that other artists could find connections with their work despite the fact that they work in different artforms, client groups and settings. Also for people already working in drama, I hope that the workshop was not too simple! I also shared the research phase of my work as I am still defining the long term project that I could do through drama at a hospital where the population is constantly changing. I found the workshop format great to getting to know other people in the group and having fun as this was one of the first sessions. I hope the rest of the sessions go well and look forward to hearing about the other presentations.

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