Artist Comment: Tullamore – Dialogue Session #1 – September 8th, 2011

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After each Dialogue Session, presenting artists will use this blog to record their observations, responses and reflections on the day.  Please feel free to add your comment and contribute your perspective.

Tullamore – Dialogue Session # 1 – September 8th, 2011


My workshop at the Dialogue sessions in Tullamore consisted of presenting a snapshot of my experience as a Traditional musician working in hospital settings. This included (a) a performance on fiddle from myself to enable listeners to hear live traditional music (b) information on my experience within the different Departments eg age-related unit, psychiatry and bedbound patients unit which included an evaluation report from the National Centre for Arts and Health, Adelaide and Meath Hospital inc. the National Children’s Hospital, Dublin and (c) participatory musical exercises to show people how I interact with clients.

During my presentation some of the issues raised by participants included the topic of funding; structure of my work practice; the healing nature of music in relation to chakras and energy levels; and the issue of staff support. Workshop participants also sang very nicely together on a song entitled “Three Lovely Lassies from Kimmage” and we ended the workshop with a number of people dancing an old Irish dance called ” Shoe the Donkey” while others played percussion instruments.

It was great to meet with other artists interested in this field of work and share our thoughts, ideas, and vision for the future of Arts and Health.


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